My Experiences With Master Angelo
  I was very interested and fascinated about varmakalai which is an ancient martial art in India. But here there are only very few people available to teach this art completely.I started to search a Real Master who can teach me REAL VARMAKALAI. After some years I lost lot of my money and time and nothing happened. At that time I read an article about KYUSHO Jitsu / Dimmak / Pressure point. This is an alias to varmakalai. Here the same Acupuncture points is used to hurt/control the Opponent. with the great interest to learn this art II wrote my first mail to Master Angelo and asked hm to teach this art. At that time I thought by only with few pressure points we can protect ourselves and win any fight. Giri and Master Angelo
  In our first video chat MASTER ANGELO clearly told pressure points / varmakalai / Dimmak points can be used only if you can able to move quickly with good foot movement. I was little bit disapppointed and thought master Angelo is hiding secret techniques of this art and very much reluctant. I received a bunch dvds of Filipino Kyusho (the entire syllabus). I finished the entire DVD set by watching and wrote mail to master about what is the next DVD you are going to send as I felt it was so easy. After that i realized doing in the mat is always tough and needs lot of effort than simply watching and discussing martial art BOOKS and DVD’s But after 3 years now I realized even finishing Orange Belt (First Level) is tougher as I am seeing lot of better ways to perfect the techniques and moves. I learnt a big lesson “THERE IS NOTHING CALLED YOUNG MASTER”. Martial Arts needs our time as an input and very patiently but consistently giving improvements.
  Training With Master Angelo At that time Master Angelo insisted me to come there to train with him. He has not charged a single money and still very much concerned about my trip as I showed reluctance due to my fear of flying. But after great efforts I reached heathrow . When I reached there weather was very bad and all my fellow passengers told it is very difficult for anybody to drive car. I was panicked and with lot of fear and anxiety I came out of airport . There I really shocked to see Master Angelo and Master Pip with lot of smile . First time in my life I realized the value of commitment. He already promised that they both will come and receive me. Its what we called as commitment. In that 10 days of my stay with master angelo and master pip my entire perception about martial art was changed and i felt like they have formatted me entirely and re install their operating system(martial art).More over i really wondered he cooked for me everyday and have not charged a single penny from me.Without them i could not be able to reach this stage.
  Please check MY PAGE frequently , there i am going to share the knowledge and going to write about my views , experiences and also about some intertesing techniques in martial arts.
  The most important lesson I learnt is “All the advanced techniques are nothing but basics mastered ”.They also taught me the importance of applying principles in martial arts.Once you started to apply these principles irrespective of the opponents physical strength we can control them or can perform the technique without much physical effort. Master Angelo taught me the importance of footwork in martial arts. He Also taught me the correct way to do pressure points. I really wondered that if you know 3 or 4 principles you can attack any pressure point and cause enough damage and pain.
  I want to honestly say thanks to master Pip a great AIKIDOKA who is seeing martial art as a science and mathematics. He is a wonderful humanbeing and such a modest person. I can write 100 pages about my master angelo and master PIP. But to summarise these are my important learnings.
With Master Angelo
  Still I am making mistakes and trying to correct my self like a CMM level 5 company which always strives for excellence. He also taught me another great lesson “Learning by selfrealization, the others can show you the way but you have to travel on your own to your destination both in martial art and life. Many many thanks to grand master angelo and master pip mahony for investing their precious time for me to improve me both in life and martial arts.I always greatful to them and very proud to say that i am their student. They also taught me how to learn things. Now when ever i am learning new thing martial art,any new skill ,technology i am applying  the principles. Because of that in the last 3 years i learnt more than 30 IT(computer) skills and surviving as a successful corporate trainer.Also when ever i am practising or learning new martial art i am applying the same principles and doing better than others. So now when i am learning varmakalai still following the same principles and doing better than others .
  “THERE IS NO SUCH THING CALLED SECRET, because the word secret indirectly makes us lazy. If anybody needs secret in anything like becoming rich,be successful in their career& life ,be a good martial artist indircetly means “they don’t want to work or train hard. He used to say secret is a top most word to market anything. Don’t rely or go behind secrets. Be real and train/work hard.This is a secret for every filipinokyusho person of course for every human being.
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