GM Angelo Baldissone is the originator of Filipino Kyusho Systems it has been born out of over 40+ years of dedicated study in the fighting arts, even today still practicing hours a day everyday, Studying under many Grand masters across the globe to find a unique blend that can transcend the arts and apply the concepts and principles contained within them.
On the 23rd July at the New Forest Summer camp GM Angelo was honoured and humbled to receive his 8th dan, this was on behalf of The Philippine Grandmasters Council signed by; GM Cristino B. Vasquez 10th dan GM Rene R. Tongson 9th dan GM Rodel B. Dagooc 9th dan GM Samuel D. Dulay 8th dan.
GM Angelo started with boxing and judo at the tender age of eight, he has a very strong traditional back ground in Shotokan karate (36 years) graded by Master Enoeda. GM Angelo has studied many arts including Kyushojitsu (pressure points), Aikido, Italian knife, Jujitsu, Kung fu, Thai Boxing, but it’s the principles contained in these arts and how they relate to each other that is the most important thing it’s not enough to collect lots of techniques (baggage) , when you understand the principles you can do and make as many techniques work as you want.Master Angelo
To Summarize he is teaching and practising the following. He is always enriching these arts with the principles and concepts he got and developed from other martial arts like aikido,small curcle jujitsu, boxing,jujitsu etc...
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