Pressure Points
Chi does it work?  
Now lets look at chi in relation to what we do when using the pressure points to defend an attack from an opponent.
What is chi?  
The Chinese say chi is our life force or energy, we were all born with an amount of chi/energy some more than others , have you noticed that some people seem to have so  much energy and never seem to get ill and others seem never to be well.
To me that is their life force or chi you can build it up through out your life by doing chi gong, tai chi and just looking after your self or you can squander it, by too much drink and food, cigarettes not enough exercise, too much stress etc.
There has been a lot of controversy lately with some grand masters of pressure points doing no touch knock outs and or conditioning their students to be knocked out in these displays of chi be it a learned response they are going along with it,  Let me say you cannot be knocked out with out being touched  unless you want to be. I relate it to being hypnotised have you noticed that the hypnotist tests people out before his show to see who can be easily influenced to cluck like a chicken or what ever, this is the same thing. The same thing can be said about faith healers, I am not saying that they do not have a place in life but it is nothing to do with martial arts.
Now being hit on nerves with a heavy blow that is something else, you will feel that and it will do you damage but some masters just keep knocking out the same students over and over again they just stand there and the master will hit them any body can do that, for me they run the risk of hurting their students physically mentally or both.
For me these displays just cheapen the martial arts I love and makes me sad that people are using these tricks in place of fundamentals and good basics , pressure points or kyusho is a valid and dangerous art and should be explored fully but still respected for the safety of everyone concerned at the end of the day common sense must prevail and you should not incorporate any tricks or energy displays in place of good common sense self-defence training.  
BE REAL!!!!!  
A warning foot note  
Please study pressure points with care, find an instructor who does not just keep knocking you out for the sake of his own ego, but understands how to teach them with a view to helping you learn in a safe environment in order for you to be able to protect yourself should the need arise and making sure you are fully restored with energy after each session.
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