Master Angelo Baldissone For Kyusho Seminar on 29th and 30th Aug 2009, Grand master Angelo baldissone and Master pip mahony reached Chennai on 20th Aug 2009. They stayed with us (my self & siva) for 12 full days to give training to us. In that 12 days we learned lot about martial art and also about life. Grand master Angelo & Master pip Sculpted us (my self & siva) with their teachings and discussions about martial arts, Attitude and also about life. We are very proud to be the students of Grand Master Angelo who see us like their sons and taught a lot.
We also be very thankful to Master Pip Mahony for his teaching and excellent Phrase about life.We are blessed on these 12 days and hope to get the same in the next year also.Filipino kyusho systems asia, very proud to have siva as our Assistant chief instructor by our Grand Master Angelo baldissone.Once again on behalf of Filipino kyusho Association many thanks to our Grand Master Angelo baldissone & Master Pip Mahony, For giving the wonderful lessons and great seminar. Teaching by Master
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Filipino Kyusho (Both Weapons & Empty Hands)
Kyusho Jitsu / Varmakalai (PressureYusho Jitsu/ Varmakalai (Pressure Point Fighting)
Self Defense
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